How will your business compete?

Photo by paolo candelo on Unsplash

In a low-growth South African economy, how do you win market share and grow?

In reality growth means taking market share away from competitors: your business must be more attractive to your customers.

A high BEE score (level 1 or 2) or BEE ownership of 51%+ makes you far more attractive to your customers – because they need to buy from 51%+ BEE-owned companies to get their scorecard points. Having 51%+ BEE ownership is a hard act to follow – it’s a real long-term competitive advantage.

Tusker (FSP 49558) helps businesses grow by having competitive BEE scores. Our solution addresses any fear you may have about BEE ownership and smacks it out the window. It’s an entirely new way of achieving BEE ownership that creates strategic advantage and value for you. It’s easier and cheaper than spending on all the other scorecard elements combined.

We do things differently and can demonstrate how our approach is better when viewed from any angle.

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