Shareholder diversification and/or BEE ownership

portfolio companies

Tusker is a BEE private-equity fund.

We offer:

  • 100% legitimate BEE ownership that will pass any test, meet letter and spirit of the act and let you sleep at night without legal or tax risk.
  • The highest return on investment of any ownership structure we know of.
  • A unique deal focused on helping you reduce risk by diversifying your asset base (and that makes sense whether BEE exists or not).
  • Indefinite ownership: unlike other private-equity funds we have no need to sell our shares in your business until it makes sense for you.
  • Fair valuation and deal terms that set the tone for a long relationship going forward.
  • A quick, standardised deal process that can be concluded in under 3 months.
  • Skilled, experienced and professional directors who work to grow the value of your business through appropriate governance and high-performance boards.
  • Financial benchmarking analysis that shows you how to free up cash, accelerate growth and increase valuation ahead of your industry peers.
  • A world leading growth program that will help you develop a winning strategy, focus on what’s needed to implement it and build succession in your business.

Tusker looks for a minimum 20% stake in our portfolio companies. We can replace existing black shareholders/structures or become your entire BEE ownership partner. We can offer EMEs and QSEs 51% or 100% ownership, meaning compliance with the rest of the scorecard isn’t required and substantial cost savings are possible.

The Tusker founders are entrepreneurs like you, and have over 60 years of transactional experience ranging from seed-stage deals to MBOs to exits to sovereign funds. Our experience includes South Africa, Mauritius, ‘Rest of Africa’, London, EU, USA.

We’d love to explore how we can help – please contact us using the form below.