Would BEE ownership make you more competitive, but you're worried about losing control, giving away shares, or having to do something complex or expensive? The good news is that you can get competitive BEE ownership levels without giving up actual ownership or operational control...or breaking the bank. Entirely legitimately. We'll show you how...

Why Choose Tusker

We help companies operating in South Africa achieve 100% legitimate BEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) ownership levels without compromising actual ownership or operational control.

By addressing the main fears business owners have around BEE ownership we help make transformation happen. 

With a track record spanning over six years and nearly R1 billion (NAV) in client BEE ownership deals under our management, we’re a trusted and legitimate partner in the BEE landscape.

What can we do for you?

Our size

We are 6+ years old. We have nearly R1Bn (NAV) of client BEE ownership deals under our management.


We are a licensed financial service provider (FSP 49558) and SAVCA members. Our clients have chosen us after extensive due diligence by top law firms, accounting firms, and BEE advisors. We work with any verification agency and our structure has been scrutinized by the B-B BEE commission. By eliminating common concerns that hold back BEE deals we help to accelerate the transformation of the SA economy and the growth of our clients.


No client has ever left us – they’ve all seen improved competitive positioning after sorting out their BEE ownership through us.

BEE Ownership as a Strategic Advantage

We can help with any BEE % you need but, in our experience, most clients are solving for 51% BEE ownership because their customers demand it to optimise their procurement points (i.e. achieving this increases our clients’ competitive advantage). 

So, how does one get BEE ownership right?

There are two ways to achieve legitimate BEE ownership: the ideal way is to have actual
black shareholders who pay a fair price for their shares, create value and who are
trustworthy people you’d love to sit next to on a long-haul flight.

But for those who can’t find these people, a variety of ‘deemed’ ownership approaches can be used instead including trusts, ESOPs, flow-through, sale of assets, modified flow-through, options, equity equivalents, and private equity. All have their own rules and the ownership thus
achieved is entirely legitimate and as valid as actual ownership if done within letter and spirit of the law. 

Equity equivalents set the scene

Foreign-owned companies operating in South Africa can use ‘Equity equivalents’ to achieve BEE ownership without giving up actual ownership or control. In this approach the SA operations are valued and the value equivalent to the desired BEE stake is invested into black companies under the supervision of the DTI. Equity equivalents firmly establish the concept of investing in black businesses in lieu of selling actual shares in your business, however they aren’t available to SA companies, can be expensive and take years to set up.

Private Equity is a better approach

Ownership via a BEE private equity fund can achieve the same results as equity equivalents for both local and foreign-owned companies, but it’s simpler, faster and potentially a lot cheaper. This is the space where Tusker plays.

We are a 51% black-female owned, licensed FSP (49558) and SAVCA members. As private equity fund managers, we have developed a unique approach to BEE ownership using the private-equity rules. That our approach works is demonstrated by the nearly R1Bn of client funds under our management. How it works, and how it can work for you, is something we can discuss after our mutual NDA is completed. 

Who are we for?

Our diverse client base includes businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to second-generation family enterprises, and large foreign multinationals. They share a commitment to South Africa's transformation but don't want to change actual ownership, lose control, or risk fronting.

Partner with us:

If you know business owners grappling with BEE ownership or who have yet to embark on a BEE deal, introduce them to Tusker. It's a quick and potentially lucrative endeavor. An introduction could earn you two months of management fees, making it a win-win opportunity.


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