Tusker is an innovative financial structure used to achieve shareholder diversification, unlock private capital, create a new listed asset class and fund BEE.

Des Mahony

Des Mahony


Des (CA, LLB) is both a Chartered Accountant and Advocate. He was a founder of African Alliance – a pan-African investment bank and has 20+ years deal-making experience across the investment spectrum, most of it outside of South Africa.

More recently, Des was COO/CFO of 4 Africa Exchange – a newly licensed South African exchange, where Des was responsible for the exchange being awarded its license and its first listing.

Des is a Key Individual in terms of FAIS/FSB requirements.

Des is a registered Arbitrator, and is also highly active in the Scouts movement.

Sanjay Soni

Sanjay Soni


Sanjay is an experienced and dynamic chartered accountant, having serviced a range of multi-nationals, private sector and public-sector clients as a trusted business and strategy advisor over the past 20 years. He is an executive director with the Black Lite Group, a niche advisory boutique focused on B-BBEE strategy, sustainability advisory and management consulting services.  Sanjay has extensive experience in B-BBEE advisory services, strategy formulation, executive and business management and corporate governance and has been involved in various businesses, as both a shareholder and executive director, for the past 15 years.

Sanjay is passionate about personal development, and has a particular interest in coaching and mentoring aspiring and future leaders and business owners.

Gareth Ochse

Gareth Ochse


Gareth’s has 25+ years experience building disruptive businesses and helping finance them. Gareth has advised on deals with values ranging from $50K to $1Bn, and is an expert in private-company valuation. Gareth founded valuationup.com – online financial analysis and valuation software, and wrote the column ‘finance for entrepreneurs’ in Finweek for 2 years.

In prior lives, Gareth worked as a strategy consultant with Bain & Co (Johannesburg and London) and was a founding team member of Bainlabs (early stage-VC); Gareth is a former international rower, having represented South Africa at world-championship level 1992-1994.

Thami Ledwaba


Thami Ledwaba founded Tshelela Africa Group in 2012 with the aim of building and growing businesses in strategic sectors and pursuing select investment opportunities across Southern Africa. He is deeply passionate about Africa’s development and the central role that business plays in creating wealth and driving sustainable development across the continent.

Prior to founding Tshelela he has served as a Senior Advisor to Fortune 500 companies based in Africa and various government departments and state owned institutions in South Africa. He continues to serve on various state-led advisory boards and trade and economic development related committees within the SADC region.

He has held various business & scholarly fellowships in the U.S. and United Kingdom over the past 10 years. He continues to have wide involvement in scholarly life occasionally publishing papers. Thami holds degrees B. SocSci (Hons) and MPhil (Public Policy), all obtained from the University of Cape Town.

Dr Ngao Motsei

Dr Ngao Motsei


Dr Ngao Motsei (PhD- Organisational Behaviour) heads up MyPortfolioLife, where her work spans four portfolios. She is (i) Director of Companies; (ii) Educator (Lecturer at Gordon Institute of Business Science); (iii) Entrepreneur (Co-Founder of DigiBiz (Pty) Ltd); and (iv) Executive Coach.

Ngao was previously a Partner at Heidrick and Struggles’ Johannesburg office and a member of the global Leadership Consulting Practice.

Ngao has worked in South Africa, Canada, Hungary, Singapore and the USA.




Thrive have advised Tusker since inception on our BEE structure(s), scorecards and route forward.



Nolands are a dynamic Audit firm whose approach is highly suited to ambitions of Tusker. Nolands are the appointed auditors of all companies (and the Tusker Trust) in the Tusker structure.



10xE is a world-leading entrepreneurial growth program that all portfolio companies go through.  Our impact will be in top line and bottom line growth, together with substantial job-creation.



Sirdar are Corporate Governance specialists and have partnered with Tusker to drive the performance of the entire Tusker structure, including our own boards and those of portfolio companies. Sirdar educate, appoint and manage boards and the impact of our directors on portfolio company performance is key element of the overall Tusker story.



ValuationUp is a financial analysis tool that answers 7 key questions on an ongoing basis for each portfolio company and thus the Tusker structure as a whole:

  • How risky is the business?
  • How well is it being run?
  • Can it withstand a knock?
  • Will it be around in a year?
  • How fast can it grow?
  • What is it worth now?
  • What could it be worth at full potential?
  • How do you get it there?

Douglas Smart Attorneys

Commercial Attorneys

Shareholder-level deals where shares are bought/sold in a company are complex and extreme care must be taken in their design and execution. Tusker offers a highly standardised deal-structure and the related legal documents have been drafted by Doug Smart and reviewed by other experts (IFRS, Tax, BEE, Accounting).