BEE and Solar. Win-Win-Win

This article is for those who’ve survived South Africa so far, and who like to kill two birds with one stone. Or carry a beer in both hands. Or braai with one hand and drink with the other. You get the idea. It’s for those who like it when the solution to one problem also solves another.

The first problem is electricity. We know the reason – the ANC has run Eskom into the ground. We also know that it will take ages to fix and that electricity prices will go up, a lot. We also know that until then we will have continued loadshedding.

For most businesses the obvious solution to this is to go solar. To set up your own electrical generation using solar panels, inverters and batteries. It’s a lot cheaper than it used to be whereas Eskom power is a lot more expensive than it used to be. Batteries last 10-15 years, panels pretty much indefinitely. It’s all modular, so you can scale your system as you need to: your head office, your manufacturing/distribution, the houses of your key people who work from home. You get the idea. Your solar system is an asset that can generate cash while offering the consumers of power a better deal than Eskom. Win Win.

The second problem is BEE.

Yup, that old chestnut. The thing that while well intentioned has been poorly run. The thing that isn’t going away and remains firmly in SA policy. A bridge you’ll have to cross (unless you live in KZN, where the bridges are probably still washed away but at least your rugby team is still decent). We digress. The face-the-facts truth is that sorting out BEE ownership is something you’re still going to need to do to remain relevant. You know, to get business and earn money and stuff. So that you can pay for your kids education at woke private schools so they can marry a girl/guy from Oz and come visit you on the farm from time to time. Choose your own adventure. Going to be a lot harder doing it from SA without BEE. Fact.

You can see the electricity problem as how to keep the lights on for your business now. You can see the BEE problem as how to keep the lights on in future.

What if you could fix problem one (insulating yourself from Eskoms unreliability and price increases) while also fixing problem two (sorting out your BEE ownership)?

Win-Win-Win. 3 wins for 2. Like drinking beer in one hand, adjusting the wors on the braai with another, while watching the boks crunch the all blacks on Dunedin. Twice.

Yes, the BEE deal would be legit. No, not crazy expensive. And you’d get that schweet feeling of the power being on, the doors of business being opened again, and maybe, just maybe, believe that we can do this thing. Your grandkids will inherit the farm after all. Happy times.

That’s why we’re here right?

If you have a BEE ownership problem and would like Solar power then contact us. We have a way of killing those two birds with one stone. Win win win.