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Is B-BBEE going away?

We’re frequently asked if B-BBEE is going away. The reality is that it’s here to stay – but likely to be changed/modified along the way. This article is an NB read for those who’d like to believe they can put off BEE until some magical future date – we think (for all the reasons listed […]

How to calculate the return on investment from BEE

Is BEE about transformation? compliance? or could it be an investment that sets up a sustainable competitive for your business? The lens you use to frame the problem is paramount to choosing the appropriate outcome and deciding if it’s worth the effort. When it comes to transformation, most business owners we speak to understand the […]

Is ownership the cheapest form of BEE?

Companies with sales under R50M that achieve 51% BEE ownership automatically qualify as level 2 BEE and don’t need to spend on any other scorecard points, those with 100% BEE ownership are automatic level 1. Is it better to go with ownership or spend on the rest of the scorecard? Our analysis shows that ownership […]

Preference shares in BEE deals

Preference shares in BEE financing: some of the pros and cons. When the framers of the BEE Codes wrote paragraph 3.14 of Code 100 (the ownership section) they opened a door to creative schemes, especially when they wrote “An Equity Instrument carrying Preferential Rights that have the characteristics of debt, regardless of whether the debt […]

Get your BEE ownership sorted in 2019

Sometime in the next 12 months your BEE certificate will come up for renewal. In the month or two before that date, your verification agent will be working to prove what you say is true and give you the BEE points you deserve. In the months before that, you have the time to spend the […]

The gift of BEE

The time of the year associated with gift giving is upon us. Many different ways exist for giving and sharing presents but one often encountered in coffee groups, workplaces and other social gatherings is a Secret Santa, where people are expected to buy something for someone else for a certain value and to receive another […]

Trusts in BEE deals

Many companies use trusts as part of their BEE ownership structures, but these are often abused and as a result the BEE Commission does not react well to structures that include trusts. In this article we explore the origin of trusts, the nature of discretionary trusts (and related problems in terms of BEE ownership requirements), […]

Stakeholders > shareholders?

Who do you serve? The journey of a business leader is often about ego. “I founded this business”, “I closed that deal” or “I employ 350 people”. This stuff may feel true but it turns people off. Real leaders leave their ego at the door. Real leaders serve others through their business; they realise that […]