Get your BEE ownership sorted in 2019

Sometime in the next 12 months your BEE certificate will come up for renewal.

In the month or two before that date, your verification agent will be working to prove what you say is true and give you the BEE points you deserve.

In the months before that, you have the time to spend the right money on transformation. Many suppliers of skills development, ESD points, etc. can be brought into the mix in just a few weeks.

Ownership is different.

Ownership is a major part of the scorecard. It’s a priority element. Your ownership % is vitally important to your customers because it affects their ESD scores. Getting 51% direct black ownership gets you (as a QSE or EME) automatic level 2 and saves spending on the rest of the scorecard. It also gets you back on the tender lists. It’s a source of competitive advantage; without it you’re in trouble.

Ownership is very hard to get right.

There’s the emotional journey. The numbers, financials, valuations, and legal terms. There is substance over form and a potentially host of advisors who wear suits and charge top $$. There’s risk and negotiation. Dating and the wedding and then the realities of marriage.

Ownership deals take time.

We’d like to help you make the right call on your ownership structure. We need 3 months (more is better) to get everything in place to give you the best ownership deal, and for Tusker to become your ideal BEE partner/investor.

An ideal BEE ownership deal will give you:

  • A trusted, experienced BEE investor with skin in the game who shares your values
  • A 100% legitimate, “sleep well at night” BEE deal that meets any test.
  • Money/equivalent into your business or shareholders hands at a fair valuation.
  • High value ad without too much interference or control.
  • A deal that can be done quickly with the lowest cost in terms of external advisors required or distraction from running your business.
  • Indefinite ownership – a BEE shareholder who needs to sell within a few years means you’ll start the process all over again.

Tusker ticks every box above. We’re the ideal BEE ownership partner for companies with PAT >R3M.

Deals do take time and you are busy. As entrepreneurs we totally understand this! We want the time to build a relationship with you, to understand each other. To give comfort and proof to our values, structure, and future.

All we’re asking for now, is that you work back 6 months or so from when your BEE certificate expires and put in your diary to contact us.

If that’s tomorrow, great. We’re ready and we’ll engage. If that’s in a few months time that’s also fine – we’ll have your BEE ownership sorted in time and it will be off your agenda for next year.

Please open your diary and set up a time to contact us, now. Or book a time in our diaries, even if it’s month’s ahead.


Gareth Ochse

Des Mahony