strategic advantage

Learn how to use BEE as a strategic advantage:

Want to learn how to make BEE into a strategic advantage?

You’re not alone: we’ve been asked many times if we’d share our experience in finance and BEE to help business owners and their advisors better understand how to make BEE into a strategic advantage.

So we’re planning a series of 1-day workshops in the major cities of SA, for Oct/Nov this year.

It will be a super experience-transfer workshop, where we’ll really unpack things for you.

You’ll learn:

  • Why BEE exists and why it’s not going away anytime soon
  • How the low-growth economy increases the importance of BEE
  • What the different scorecard elements really cost, vs the returns you can expect.
  • The advantages of an ownership-first BEE strategy
  • How to survey your customers and understand the ROI from BEE
  • Why buying/selling shares in private companies is tricky, and why BEE makes this harder still.
  • Common issues in BEE deals, including financing, tax and control…frustrations and fronting
  • What the ideal BEE looks like
  • The different ownership types allowed in the codes
  • The pros and cons of common ownership structures
  • How to finance BEE deals
  • How tax trips up many deals, sometimes years down the line.
  • How to get out of a BEE deal
  • Dealing with the BEE commission: what to expect.
  • Verification: common pitfalls & how to prepare
  • Sector specific issues
    …and much more.

If you’d be interested in this, simply email us and we’ll stay in touch. More formal communications to follow…